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What do you know about mobile aluminum scaffold?

Time of publication:2020-07-20 15:57:36
What do you know about mobile aluminum scaffold?

 What do you know about mobile aluminum scaffold?

Hello, everyone. I'm Xiaobian. What do you know about mobile aluminum scaffold? Let's learn about it together with Xiaobian;
In various projects, the mobile aluminum alloy scaffold is a common construction equipment. Different from the fixed aluminum alloy scaffold, the aluminum alloy scaffold has the function of moving through the installation of casters, and the aluminum alloy scaffold can be fixed in the required position through the locking device of the caster. Like the adjustable sole, the caster support rod can also be adjusted In all kinds of construction projects, the more important problem is safety.
In Shenzhen's major construction sites, a large number of workers with yellow safety helmets can be seen on the paishan aluminum alloy scaffold outside the wall of the project under construction. The large-scale high-altitude platform only equipped with foot support can not be moved, especially after it is set up in a quadrangle and the height is more than 20 meters. Do not move the tower with single width of more than 10 meters (0.75 meters) easily in severe weather with strong wind and rain.
Mobile aluminum alloy scaffold can effectively avoid fire. Its pedals have a burning point of 550 degrees centigrade. The temperature of ordinary open fire can't make it burn or even burn out. The fire source of the bracket that caught fire in Xi'an south street some time ago is the pedal. This lesson needs to be kept in mind. Once the pedal and skirting board are not made of aluminum alloy with high temperature resistance, but polyurethane or wood, when welding or open fire operation is adopted Fire prevention and fire fighting measures must be taken.
Heavy duty caster of polyurethane industry can make mobile aluminum alloy scaffold silent and skid resistant, and reduce ground damage. At present, the castors of some engineering herringbone ladders are equipped with supporting maintenance devices, which can protect the wheels during storage. At present, they have not been used in aluminum alloy scaffold. In the process of the birth and upgrading of a product, no matter what kind of accessories need to be verified, tested and improved for numerous times before being put on the market, not to mention the aerial work equipment which is related to human life safety.
Compared with other electric and fuel oil type lifting equipment or steel aluminum alloy scaffold, the mobile aluminum alloy scaffold has the advantages of low cost, stronger bearing capacity, more stability and safety, light weight, easy installation and disassembly, flexible movement and higher working height, which is more suitable for long-term construction. Because of its light weight, aluminum alloy scaffold needs less manpower, It is convenient and fast, reduces the weight and improves the bearing capacity. The mobile aluminum alloy scaffold is far better than the traditional steel aluminum alloy scaffold in safety and performance, so it is recognized by a large number of construction units. In the construction industry, whether the construction of large buildings or small property street lamp maintenance can be seen everywhere.