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What are the types of lifting platforms for aerial work?

Time of publication:2020-07-14 10:48:15
What are the types of lifting platforms for aerial work?

 What are the types of lifting platforms for aerial work?

Hello, everyone. I'm Xiaobian. What are the types of lifting platforms for aerial work? Related products mainly include: aluminum alloy aerial work platform, cylinder type aerial work platform, spider type aerial work platform, scissor type aerial work platform, trailer type aerial work platform, curved arm type aerial work platform and straight arm type aerial work platform.
According to the division of power source, it can be divided into:
1. Fixed aerial work platform: fixed aerial work platform is a kind of goods lifting equipment with good lifting stability and wide application range. The optional equipment of fixed aerial work platform includes artificial hydraulic power, movable turnover plate, rolling or motorized roller track, safety contact strip to prevent rolling foot, organ type safety protection cover, manual or motorized rotating platform, Hydraulic turnover platform, safety support rod to prevent electric aerial work platform from falling, stainless steel safety net, walking power system of electric or hydraulic aerial work platform, universal ball table
2. Trailer type aerial work platform: it has no driving power source and needs other power vehicles for traction operation
3. Vehicle mounted aerial work platform: in order to improve the mobility of the aerial work platform, the aerial work platform is fixed on the battery carrier or truck, and is powered by the vehicle engine to complete the lifting function of the vehicle mounted aerial work platform, so as to get used to the aerial work in the factory
4. Self propelled aerial work platform: mobile aerial work platform is a high-altitude operation channel driven by battery, which can control walking and turning on the table. Now, advanced aerial work equipment can walk when the height is raised. The pothole maintenance system provides great safety, automatic operation and safe ground clearance, so that indoor operation can be carried out, robust, reliable and easy to repair, Standard accessories, traceless tire, slope alarm, double wheel
What are the types of lifting platforms for aerial work? Aerial work platform is widely used in national defense, port, wharf, airport, working condition enterprise, electric power, communication, garden and other departments, and there are many customized products designed according to specific application conditions. With the development of economy and the improvement of industrialization level, this kind of customized products have a wide development space.