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What are the features of disc scaffold accessories

Time of publication:2020-08-12 09:18:31
What are the features of disc scaffold accessories

 What are the features of disc scaffold accessories

Hello, everyone. I'm Xiaobian. Disk scaffold is also known as the disk buckle scaffold, chrysanthemum plate scaffold and so on. So what are the accessories of the disc scaffold? Today, I'd like to introduce to you what parts of the disc scaffold are.
The disc scaffold is composed of cross bar, vertical pole and inclined rod. Both ends of the cross bar are welded with straight locks, and wedge plates are inserted into the straight locks. The vertical pole is welded with disc and five or seven heads.、
Disc scaffold accessories has been introduced to you, so what are the characteristics of the disc scaffold? Next, we will introduce the characteristics of the disc scaffold.
The disc scaffold is multifunctional and can be set up according to the specific construction requirements. The system has the advantages of less structure, convenient construction and disassembly, basic structure and special components, which can make the system suitable for various structural buildings. The turnbuckle scaffold has high economy, easy to use and faster. The bearing capacity is large, safe and reliable, and the comprehensive benefit is good. The component series is standardized, which is convenient for transportation and management. There are no scattered and easily lost components, low loss and less investment in the later stage.
Disc scaffold has few accessories and is very convenient to build. During installation, just align the cross bar joint with the chrysanthemum plate position, and then insert the bolt into the chrysanthemum plate hole by hand and go through the bottom of the joint, and then knock the top of the bolt with a hammer to make the arc surface of the cross bar joint closely connect with the vertical pole.