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Multifunctional mobile aluminum scaffold you don't know

Time of publication:2020-07-22 09:50:54
Multifunctional mobile aluminum scaffold you don't know

 Multifunctional mobile aluminum scaffold you don't know

Hello, everyone. I'm Xiaobian. Do you know mobile aluminum scaffold? Let's have a look;
The scaffold is assembled according to the safe and civilized construction standards. The assembly of scaffolding does not require the use of screws or bolts and nuts. The erection speed is 5 times of the traditional steel pipe scaffold.
According to the requirements of various projects, the scaffold can be set in various shapes and sizes, such as suspended scaffold, cantilever frame, bridge, bending frame and stage frame.
The load is transferred to the connector rather than directly to the vertical pole, which is in the same plane of the scaffold frame; the high-quality connector, with its strong resistance to bending, shearing and torsion, has excellent load capacity.
Non welded components non welded components are made of strong, lightweight, high quality aluminum alloy tubes and very hard steel connectors.
Easy to handle – different label colors are designed for easy assembly or storage and quick assembly.
The multi-functional mobile aluminum alloy scaffold is easy to transport and store. The super long structural components are only about the length. In addition to the platform panel, the average weight of overweight structural components is 2-5 kg. Easy to transport. Labor costs are low.