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High altitude work, aluminum alloy scaffold brand how to choose?

Time of publication:2021-01-06 15:40:39
High altitude work, aluminum alloy scaffold brand how to choose?

 High altitude work, aluminum alloy scaffold brand how to choose?

Aerial work scaffolding is also known as mobile operating platform, aluminum frame, high-altitude mobile operating platform, mobile operating platform, insulated ladder, work table and so on. Mainly used for engineering site construction, household, outdoor maintenance of basic equipment in various places. It is widely used, easy to carry, easy to operate, movable and so on.
High-altitude working mobile platform is a new type of scaffolding that can guarantee the safety of workers in all aspects. Without cumbersome installation steps, two workers can complete the rapid construction. The application is more flexible, and it can be easily handled in both ultra-high engineering environment and small geographical space.
Lixin mechanical aerial work platform system has a multi-directional design, which can easily build geometric construction in line with the engineering needs, whether it is large-span bridge construction, or cantilevered operation, can be fully handled. High strength aluminum alloy T6-6061, with good corrosion resistance, lighter weight
Lixin mechanical products fully comply with civilized construction standards, so that you have standards to follow, safe and reliable. The goal is to make buildings safer and more efficient by enabling all construction operators to use compliant products. The choice of new machinery, is to choose the standard, the choice of efficiency.