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The role played by the construction coil

Time of publication:2020-12-03 10:51:22
The role played by the construction coil

 The role played by the construction coil

Specification for a load - safe function of a disc clasp. Steel pipe scaffold with loads to the actual effect of practical activities on the steel springboard for the specification. General specifications, structure with the inside, outside the load of steel pipe scaffolding, are distributed load can not exceed 2T00N/m empty, that is, on the steel pipe scaffolding, stacking bricks only single-row side pendulum multi-layer. For architectural decoration, the uniformly distributed load shall not exceed 2000N/m', and the accumulative chain and the iron frame such as hanging, hanging and carrying, etc., shall be determined according to the carry-over and experiment.
The erection and dismantling of steel tube scaffolding is more often, his engineering construction load change is relatively large, so the safety function is generally selected to allow ground stress to carry forward, considering a total safety function (K), generally take K=3. In the framework of the product, the use of the buckle scaffold is extremely extensive, appear in the manufacture of the framework or is a performance stage framework, it is not difficult to see, the function of the buckle scaffold is still very widespread.
Mainly, can be used in the room decoration planning, the replacement of some door signboards, high-rise residential manufacturing, authentic highway bridge manufacturing. It is easy to manage, the spare parts of the disc clasp movable frame are less, easy to manage and transport, the actual effect of each spare part is full by the production supplier by the joint practice, and the actual effect of each spare part is full of interflow, so the practicality is also very strong.
Long service life, simple protection and maintenance, now used disk type scaffold is full of the choice of cold spray zinc, so it can be said that the product in the use of 3-5 years is not required to carry out the protection and maintenance, and corrosion and corrosion resistance. The product is developed with the focus planning scheme of structural mechanics. Therefore, the product has a strong compressive strength, saw resistance, compressive strength.