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Lixin machinery - Automatic aerial work lifting platform

Time of publication:2020-09-24 11:36:06
Lixin machinery - Automatic aerial work lifting platform

 Lixin machinery - Automatic aerial work lifting platform

Hello everyone, I am xiaobian. Today, I would like to introduce the automatic aerial work lifting platform. The following contents are arranged by Lixin Machinery.
The hkG-2 double-mast high-altitude working platform of Lixin Machinery has a super-high working height of 12m and adopts two sets of masts to lift and lift at the same time, which makes the operation more stable and reliable. The chassis of the platform is equipped with a four-wheel rolling chassis and a level instrument, which ensures that the machine is in a horizontal position at all times and can easily walk even in corners and narrow multi-obstacle sections. The flat leg of the suction cup and the horizontal indicator always provide solid and stable ground support for the platform. Emergency stop switch is set above the platform and emergency descent device is set below the platform. Even if the platform loses power, it can ensure the slow descent of the platform to ensure safe operation.
The application of the automatic high-altitude operation lifting platform makes the high-altitude operation on the ground more safe and reliable, improves the work efficiency, achieves the achievement of reducing personnel and increasing efficiency, and promotes the high-quality development of the mine.